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Real Estate Lead Generation Services - offrs Aims High

Don't Strive For Mediocracy

It may seem harsh to say this out of the gate, but most service providers for our industry have likely dropped the ball on you. We know because we are agents as well. The offrs team has several agents, brokers and real estate specialists that have their finger on the pulse of the industry. They help us stay rooted in why we innovated real estate predictive analytics and started offering real estate lead generation services in the first place. You, yourself wouldn't want to be lumped in with those agents out in the field that provide mediocre services, but homeowners that have been jaded over the years may be doing just that. Similarly, while we continually strive for excellence in lead generation for real estate, we sometimes get lumped into the masses who claim to provide the same level of service that we do. So we wanted to demonstrate how dynamic the quality level of real estate lead generation companies (and the services they offer) can be. It's our hope, that you too will see just how low the bar can get and how we've been, for the last 5 years, stretching the upper limit on how powerful lead generation for real estate can be.

What You Don't Know Can Bite You

First, we want to be fair... you don't know what you don't know. It wouldn't be right for us, for instance, to judge other lead generation companies who may, legitimately be doing their best to deliver the best possible leads. That only goes so far, however... as the bar has since (and for many years) been raised across the industry. We know because as the top-of-class among real estate lead generation companies, we've been pushing it higher and higher each quarter. Now that the industry has had a chance to review what we're doing and why we consistently rank as the top real estate lead generator, it's no longer enough to claim that the quality of leads we knew how to generate 5 years ago matches the quality of leads we know how to generate today. In other words, back then, it may have been good enough. But times, technology and best practices have all advanced from the 2010's going into the 2020's. Not upgrading your product or your service offering (at this point) is negligent and it is hurting our industry. So, let's go over how offrs has been upping the real estate listing leads ante each and every day.

Setting The New Standard

We don't want to get drowned in the mire of past technologies being pawned in the present. After all, leading the way requires lifting our peers up. This is why we're active in the real estate lead generation community and why we speak up any chance we can about the responsibility we have regarding updated best practices in lead generation for real estate agents. It's difficult to say whether setting the bar high with top quality products and real estate lead generation services makes you an industry leader in a community, or if it's the other way around... that being a strong voice within the leadership community demands that your practices, products, and service follow. But either way, offrs is committed to providing the best listing leads we can for our agents... and similarly, we're committed to providing insights on the best practices for our industry peers along the way. If you're like most folks these days, it's easy to imagine what this would mean to a technology innovator like, but imagine what this means for a technology company that's genuinely working to improve best practices for our industry... starting with ourselves...

Innovating Across The Board

If you've been an offrs agent for the last year, you'll remember that we introduced some amazing tools and services with the launch of our Version 5 seller leads platform and RAIA, our custom AI assistant. We learned rather quickly, however, that as amazing and game-changing as these tools were, most agents simply weren't ready to work them into their operational workflow. We learned fast, adapted and refocused our efforts to reflect this in Version 6 which places more emphasis on providing you with quality real estate seller leads than on the conversion tools needed to monetize them. The reason why this is important is that a large number of real estate lead generation websites are driven with tech at the forefront. Being both active agents and technologists, we know that innovation happens at many levels, not just technology. And we saw an opportunity to innovate at the service level... ourselves.

Why Is This Important To You?

Simply put... trust. We know that, with all of the choices you have these days for generating real estate agent leads, you're still looking for the most trusted solution available. But how do you know which provider of real estate leads is taking you on the right path (towards your goals). We think that the answer is transparency. This is why we audit the mathematical accuracy of our predictive analytics algorithm each year and why we show the results to you (still at 70% national average!). This is why we innovate every day, but why we also trickle out new technologies based on your in-the-field feedback. Because if your voice isn't part of our innovation and deployment process... then who are we really serving? So, the question is... are we doing enough? We hope so. We hope to be your trusted lead generation real estate partner. If you've looked into us in the past, but held off, consider another look. Schedule a demo now and see how we've grown!

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