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Lead Generation For Real Estate: offrs Listing Leads Lead The Way

With Lead Generation For Real Estate, You Can Have It Both Ways

One of the telltale signs that you're using the right tool is how useful the tool is across the board and a good sign that you're using the right lead generation tool for real estate is its success rate across the board. It's easy to think of lead generation for real estate as a single instance over and over. After all, a lead is a lead and it's either generated or not, right? Sort of. One measure of real estate lead generation websites is certainly their ability to generate listing leads, but if these leads aren't qualified, then you're paying for mixed results.

This is the divide that breaks seller leads to highlight and bring out only the best opportunities. Then, in a category of its own, there's offrs, which provides both of these real estate lead generation services in one, seamless solution.

For Quality Real Estate Leads, It's All About The Data

With access to the best real estate data available, you'd think that it'd be fairly straight-forward to cross-check all of the real estate agent leads you're highlighting to help make certain that your customers aren't spending unnecessary time either going through bad lead data or having to export the listing leads you've generated to another 3rd party service for further vetting. You'd think that this would be fairly straight-forward, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Why? Because not all real estate lead generation services have access to solid data.

But what defines solid data? It's simple... more of it (lots more). Unfortunately data isn't as accurate as many technology companies will try and lead you to believe (not without further work, anyway). Homeowners move, change phone numbers and add new primary email addresses all of the time. And yet, lead generation companies will charge you for a number that was only accurate 2 years ago. Often times, this is because they only have a few sources of data (possibly only one)! Without multiple sources of quality, inbound data, quality goes south... fast.

Real Estate Lead Generation Services Play Well Together

The funny thing is... lead generation tools all play well together. So it's odd to focus only on one section of the pipeline and still fall behind the results of the turnkey leader in the field of real estate leads. Lead gen is all about processing data at different qualification stages, vetting leads as they move from one, more qualified stage to the next. It's important to note, that if you still view lead generation and lead conversion as two separate processes, you'll do well (your numbers will) to review any of our many articles on lead conversion.

This is all to say, if your lead generator is handing you a name based from a single data provider and isn't qualifying them, then you're really buying raw, second-hand data, not a lead. That's not to say there's not a value in purchasing data at a bulk discount. Many SMB marketers have been doing this for decades. But why buy raw, bulk data from one source, when you can get lead data sourced from six of the top data providers, cross-checked against each other, processed with a proprietary AI-driven real estate predictive analytics engine and verified manually for accuracy?

Sometimes We Do It Because We've Been Doing It

Don't worry, it's human nature to "push through" and continue doing something if it's worked well-enough. The truth is, we'll often continue to do something (even if we instinctively know it's slower or even taking us in the wrong direction) because it's easier. "Why reinvent the wheel?" can generally be a good rule of thumb, but it's often the wrong mantra when you're in a contested housing market, continuously looking for an edge on encroaching competitors using the latest in lead generation technology.

Why reinvent the wheel? Goodyear/Bridgestone Formula One pneumatic tires, that's why. We'd still be back at the wooden wagon wheel if it weren't for progress across multiple industries and the same is true for lead gen. Sure, old lead gen methodologies may work (again, think covered wagons here), but are they as effective a vehicle as what can be accomplished with the latest advances in real estate lead generation (now at the Formula One stages)? It might be if all things were equal, if your competitors and homeowners worked at the same pace, but they've upped their game significantly.

What It Takes To Stay Ahead In Real Estate

In this era of hybrid digital and real-world communications, where homeowners bounce from place to place on the physical map while checking in on their various feeds (your active or passive marketing spaces), their attention is becoming increasingly harder to gain hold of. And while this is true for everyone (including your RE competition), those that have already adapted and adopted next gen tools are the ones that find themselves pacing their business operations to the needs of the market. Everyone else is falling behind.

Of course, there's always the outlier, those that have a steady stream of consistent client and client referral business, but taking the chance that you'll fare this lucky for the decades to come (and unnecessarily so), is a risky proposition. Heading into 2019, success relies on a nimble application of whichever tools you can grab a hold of that will help you get more trusted time in front of your ideal audience. And seeing as they're real estate seller leads (homeowners bouncing across the map both digitally and in the real-world), you're going to need state-of-the-art lead generation.

Lead Generation Is More Than A Tool, It's An Approach

Just as we speak about multiple tools used at multiple stages of the real estate lead generation process, the use of multiple lead conversion strategies to address these various lead types is recommended. offrs has you covered here too. Again, it's not enough to put the latest generation of lead tools in your hands, you've got to know how to use it at the various stages of lead conversion. That last part is very important, so let's state it again... you have to have the tool, you have to know how to use the tool and... you have to know how to use the tool at different stages.

In this way, lead generation is tied to lead conversion and lead conversion is ultimately farming. In a nutshell, your real estate lead generator should be feeding your conversion methodologies. And these two, working hand-in-hand, should form your approach to leads. What does this look like? Well, let's explore what it doesn't look like... calling a lead and pushing a hard sale into their lap in the first conversation. Sounds obvious, right? Yet, you'd be surprised how often this is employed as a first contact lead conversion approach.

Best Practices In Converting Seller Leads

As you can tell, our team is pretty passionate about best practices in seller lead conversion. After all, when you hand over hard-sought gold to a client and they drop it on the floor exclaiming that it's too heavy to carry, it can be fairly dis-heartening. So offrs works hard to help you succeed by learning how to process listing leads once you get them (not just handing them over to you and wishing you luck. We've put together hundreds of best practice scripts, articles and even an eBook... all free of charge.

Why? Because in the end, all of our reputations affect one another in this housing ecosystem. The quantity and quality of leads we provide works in parallel with the level of conversion you're able to handle. If we can help you on both fronts (getting more quality inbound leads and a higher lead conversion rate), then we're helping your business, the homeowner's needs and our industry... all in one swoop. That's what we're passionate about. Let us help your business today. Sign up for a free demo of our real estate lead generation solution.

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