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Lead Generation For Real Estate - Agents Speak Up

Uprooting Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents

There's an old adage in marketing... most of the work in educating your market is undoing all of the damage from educators past. Being that RE is a sales industry, as agents, you know this all too well yourselves. Homeowners, frightened of making a bad team selection in what could be (and statistically is) the most financially-important decision in their lives, will sway back and forth when it comes to locking you down. Most of what agents do first is speaking of (and later demonstrating) their value.

Well, the same is true for us when it comes to lead generation. For real estate agents that have seen it all, predictive analytics technologies can be a big pill to swallow (even in the most trusting of scenarios). But, like your own professional services and the benefit you bring to your homeowner clients, we too know that agents will benefit from our lead generation solutions. How do we know? Well, we've spoken of it before, but basically... we check (and often so).

Just as you might go through your client recommendations and neighborhood COMP report to demonstrate where you have been right or... very close to right nearly every single time a fork in the road has come up. And still, doubt is there, we all get it. Afterall, you're a homeowner as well. And we're real estate agents as well. Well, some of our staff are agents, anyway. This helps us better our services, but it also keeps us rooted in our core responsibility: showing you the best path forward.

So sometimes, the best path forward is to undo certain stigmas holding your client (or, more pointedly you, our client agents) and to open your world to the latest real estate lead generation technologies to hit the market. Any agents pushing hard know that you need a number to call or an email address to send to. But more so, having an updated and prioritized list... that can make all the difference in the world once you begin to factor in your time, your budget and the make-or-break edge of competition.

Putting The Pieces Back Together Again

It would be irresponsible to pull that rug out from underneath you (the safety blanket notion of a phone book being a source of home seller contact generation) without further offering your business a solid catalog of true lead generation services. But what if we could go one step further and instead of telling our own story (you've heard us tell it before), we let our agents tell their own story. So, here we go. What has offrs done for our agents' home seller list generation needs?

  • Lisa: "No more door-knocking, no more cold call. It really has put me ahead of my competition. I have saved hours and hours and in addition to thousands of dollars..."

  • Dan: "In a month, we had about 100 hand-raisers - people saying 'Yep, I plan to sell my house in the next year.'"

  • Nick: "We generated 144 hand-raisers... of those, we've already had 10 listings they've delivered extraordinary results for us."

  • Bob: "They've delivered extraordinary results for us. [They] not only generate more leads, [they] generate 'now business, 'later business,' 'prospects to add to your database'... it's been an extraordinary partnership and we just wish we had done it sooner."

Good stuff. But let's take a moment to highlight one of the most important elements of these movers and shakers: they're moving and shaking. There's no doubt that offrs is an excellent source of lead generation. Hey, we were built for it. But you have to work em. Are you ready to make this your year? Not many agents are (and that's okay), but if you're one of those agents that is ready to process a steady source of inbound connections, then you'll do well to speak with one of our reps today. What can offrs do for your business this year? You'll never know unless you reach out for a walk-through.

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