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Pass, Pass, Shoot - How to optimize your multi-channel Marketing

Don’t get left behind… learn to move with the ball. Okay, so you thought you had multi-channel marketing handled. After all, you’ve got an active email list, your website’s catching a few eyes here and there and you’ve got a solid presence on both Facebook and Instagram. Great start. But if you’re not carrying on the conversion from the last channel and if you’re not setting up the shot for the next channel, you’re not doing it right.

That’s because multi-channel marketing is more than just being everywhere, it’s a one-two-three series of steps that anticipates an agile audience and continues to convert them along the way from channel to channel and device to device. It’s all about building conversation upon conversation over time.

Take a look at this article here. There are a lot of points that the author nails, but in particular, you’ll see three things that stand out… the importance of being wherever your leads’ eyes are, the fact that multi-channel marketing is actually one long conversion over multiple mediums and the benefits of “sequential retargeting” (treating all of these encounters as stages in an even larger conversion funnel).

But this is what we do in the real-world, right? We go to the coffee shop our lead is at today, carry on with the conversation we left off at yesterday and build on that conversation, bringing new value today. All towards the close, where you, the agent they’ve come to know and trust over time, provide them with the service they need when they’re ready. We move the ball, waiting for an opening. Pass, pass, shoot.

Here’s how it works… you bring your brand, your voice and your message and we put you everywhere. Have an older client that’s gone cold via email? No problem. The offrs solution includes automated email marketing, mass SMS text-messaging, direct-to voicemail drops, managed online ads, handwritten letters and personalized photo postcards… all one-off or en mass. And we’re continuing to expand with branded home value lookup sites (SmartSites), call services and much more. This is all relationship-building and it takes time. Enter AutoPilot.

AutoPilot is the automated marketing and lead conversion machine that helps you nurture all of your leads over time. Just flip the switch and AutoPilot will coordinate all of your outbound marketing across all channels. Already the Direct Mail king? Or the owner of your farm’s email inbox? Inject your messaging into AutoPilot and it’ll take care of the daily grunt work for you from here on, allowing you to focus personalized attention on your most promising leads.

In this attention economy, it’s all about being there (everywhere) to continue the conversation. As the author in the article above mentions, email alone just won’t cut it anymore. Don’t worry… our multi-channel lead conversion toolsets are ready to rock. We’ll help you nurture your lead conversions over time and across multiple channels, clearing a path for you to make the shot.

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