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Your (Smart) Farm needs You

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” It’s a well-known (and worth-knowing) mantra re-quoted time and time again, but like much of life’s wisdom, it’s applying it to your life that’s the hard part. Perhaps you’re wondering what it will take to make this your breakout year or… you might already know, but remain frozen in fear of letting go of what could be… just… good enough.

With offrs, you’ve got everything you need, but to break the cycle of getting what you’ve always gotten (the “just… good enough”) and to really make this a breakout year for your business, you’re likely going to have to overcome some internal barriers of your own… you’re going to have to do the changes you want seen in your business… you’re going to have to get to the work of it. Let’s look at the hard, cold and practical side of this… this means picking up the phone and calling a stranger, this means explaining in detail why you are an agent unlike any other in the area and this means cutting through the no’s and directly asking that homeowner for the listing appointment.

After all, like so many things in life, we can easily get caught up in the tools and miss the big picture. Sure, you’ll need the right shoes and indeed, the right approach can shave minutes here or there, but when it comes to winning the race… you gotta run. Then, once you’re actively in, that’s when you begin to employ the technique that will keep you in the race for the long haul. That is where we begin to make the shift towards farming… towards scheduling time in your daily routine away from converting leads for this week and towards building your crop for the next few months and years.

This is the beauty of offrs… with our All-In-One Lead Generation, mass marketing and sphere nurturing tools, customizable script templates and conversion training, you get the best of all worlds. You’ve got food on the table this week, a healthy stock of food for the next few months and next year’s crop growing out back. The question is, are you ready to pivot? Are you ready to change not just your lead generation tools… but your lead conversion approach as well? Tired of going week to week? It’s not too late to get back to building your farm.

At offrs, we provide unlimited, free training sessions that walk you and your team through the tools and approach necessary for abundant lead conversion. Schedule a live training session today.

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