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Why Farms and Calls Leads For You

You might be hard-pressed to find someone that enjoys a phone tree. You know… you call a company and get a machine that starts asking you a slew of questions while somehow not being sophisticated-enough to understand the word “no”. It’s frustrating. There’s always exceptions, but for the most part, unchecked technology seems to do more harm than it’s worth. There’s just something comforting about an actual person on the other side of the phone, verifying your input. It brings the whole experience down-to-earth, making it more complete… and frankly... it makes the resulting data more trustworthy. Well, we’re proud to have innovated in this space – having added multiple tiers of people-based quality control. Because offrs isn’t a technology, it’s an approach. Sure, we’ve innovated predictive lead generation to the point of boasting a 70% or more accuracy in predicting who will list their homes in the next 12 months. But how do we know it’s accurate? Simple… we actually pick up the phone and call them.

After our system predicts who’s most likely to list, we then send in our first team to call as many of these leads as we can reach in order to verify the homeowner’s intent to list (we make up to 750,000 calls a week here)! Then we send in our next team to listen to the conversation and look for the motivation in the homeowner’s voice. Finally, to make certain that our system’s providing value, we then send in a team a year down the road to pull public records and verify the entire process (actually running the last year’s numbers to see where, if anywhere, we were off). The result is quality, verified lead generation. Not just words… practical ground-work on your behalf. But really, how else would you do it? Without multiple levels of people-based quality control, the predictive system can’t improve and become better at what it’s designed to do – generate quality leads well in advance of your competitors. Have we come full circle by bringing people into the mix early on? Well, it’s more that we’ve completed the cycle. By adding well-placed tiers of efficient quality control experts and calling to verify leads without yet introducing your brand, we help assure that you have the first go at a verified lead.

We’ll hear a lot about predictive analytics as it steadily becomes the minimum operational standard for all industries. But alongside such game-changing technologies, our teams at offrs commit to practical innovation. So while we’re proud to have implemented the most powerful and accurate lead generation solution set in real estate, we still check our numbers by hand. Are other predictive lead generation services accurate and up-to-date? Maybe. But with offrs, you know for certain that we work around the clock to make certain of it. Because if you’re not continuously verifying your lead generation solutions, then it’s all up in the air. is your source for all-in-one verified lead generation. Are you ready to infuse your business with real leads? Schedule a demo today and let’s get you moving.

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