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Own the Data, Own the Conversation

One of the biggest challenges for an agent is quickly establishing a connection with homeowners. offrs+ can get you to their door first, but what you bring to the conversation - that first conversation, is almost always a make or break factor. This single moment can set the tone for you as their regional expert or leave you in the rain wondering what went wrong. Ultimately, what you know or what you don’t know about your lead going into a cold call situation affects your lead conversion numbers.

This is why it’s important to know ahead of time that not every lead generation service provides you with the data they generate. So what do we mean by providing the data? Just that… while other lead generation services will take your brand’s messaging and pass it through their data (alongside other agents’ messaging) and while they’ll will do so without much concern about who’s getting it on the other side, offrs provides you with the lead’s full contact and property background info as well as the predictive scoring and lead prioritization we’ve applied to them. Because not all leads are the same, right?

Then of course, there’s the line at the homeowner’s door. If you don’t own the data, then how many others are using it… and if you’re sharing the lead’s info with scores of other agents, then you’re sharing the conversation with scores of other agents. This is why we say “Own the data, own the conversation.” When you sign up with offrs, your territory is yours exclusively… as is the territory’s lead data. Certainly, there’s still competition in the area, but only you have full access to the predictive algorithm and Smart Data that our teams and services have compiled. With this in your hands… you alone can establish thoughtful first impressions and you alone can build authentic relationships from the start.

Of course, you still have our powerful mass communications and tracking platform, templated scripts and lead nurturing toolset to help you process and convert leads as they pour in, but the important difference here is that with offrs, you have possession of your leads’ info. Why is this important? Because without this, you’re essentially asked to converse with someone you know nothing about and to do so in a line of other agents. If you’re not first in their door… if you don’t own the conversation… then you’re likely going to get left standing in the rain.

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