Online Lead Capture with Dynamic Property Reports and Smart Data


It’s a familiar scene... a homeowner is curious about their home’s value in relation to the neighborhood and does a quick search on their phone. Now keep in mind… they’re not searching for you yet. Right now, they’re researching their neighborhood and boom… up comes a free property report offer requiring only the address of the property. The homeowner taps go and there it is… ready to download, print and share with their household. Meanwhile, you just got a lead.

Smart Sites are desktop and mobile-friendly landing pages that are branded to you. But unlike traditional marketing assets, these targeted sites are designed for one purpose: to deliver branded Smart Reports on your behalf day and night. That isn’t to say that the benefits stop there, though. While the homeowner now has their report in hand, all Call To Action statements on the report as well as on your Smart Site itself encourage continued communication with you, the area’s real estate specialist, to help them understand the data and what it means to their household. This lines you up to be the person that gave them what they wanted and the person that can help them understand the process of where to go next.

But let’s back up a bit, because how this happens is important. As we all know, if the effort isn’t quick and if it isn’t easy, then we’re going to lose them. For this reason, your offrs Smart Site is beautiful, yet streamlined, using the latest best practices in design. It’s elegant in its simplicity and yes, even… fun. You land on the page, enter your address and there’s your Smart Report detailing your home’s valuation, neighborhood market trends, statistical data and so on. Okay, so you’d have to really want to know your home valuation in order to get a kick out of how you got it… but that’s the beauty of Smart Reports… they really want them.

That’s why we’re excited about the impact that Smart Sites are already having… a mere week after their introduction in the market. As part of the catalog of offrs products and services, Smart Sites represent a unique lead generation channel, working to passively collect and forward leads to you, but more so, launching a relationship between your brand and the homeowner the right way… by establishing and delivering value. Pretty cool, huh? While you’re doing your thing, your Smart Site is collecting names of leads for you to reach out to… leads that it has already delivered reports to on your brand’s behalf.

As always, Smart Site leads, what we call Lookup Leads work along-side other offrs lead generation tools and services to form our All-In-One Lead Generation solution. But Lookup Leads are unique, in that the homeowner has made the effort to reach out and get the ball rolling. Because of this, our team lends more weight (and a higher lead score) to leads coming in from this channel. Of course, whether they came in via your Smart Site or were identified using our proprietary predictive analytics algorithm… we still pick up the phone and call as many as possible to personally verify that they are indeed looking to sell their home within the next 12 months.

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