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All-In-One Lead Generation for Agents

Meet Joe and Sue. Joe owns a 3/2 and is highly motivated to sell, but hasn’t quite made the move to reach out to anyone. Sue owns a condo, is thinking about moving uptown, is reasonably interested in where the market sits and wants to know more. Both want to take their time as they explore options and both are leads, but are at different stages in the process of making a decision to list their home for sale.

We’ve said it before “all leads are not created equal.” Any seasoned agent will know that some leads need significantly more nurturing than others and will require a different set of tools depending upon where they are in the process.

With the offrs all-in-one lead generation we drive leads through multiple channels including online targeting, phone surveys and sphere outreach. And while we value each and every lead we generate for our clients, we actually categorize and prioritize all of the leads that are identified. Again, every lead is different and requires a wide range of tools to properly nurture over time, but they also need a wide range of approaches. Because of this, each lead generation channel in the offrs solution is designed to package leads up for you based on how they were first identified, what they were looking for when they came in, where they are in the conversion funnel and so on. Of course, we then provide a wide selection of lead nurturing tools to take care of them as you work their way down the conversion funnel towards the listing appointment.

First, our proprietary predictive analytics system actively goes out each month and searches the homeowners within each agent's exclusive territories, looking at over 200 points of data, including the homeowner’s public records and purchasing history for the weeks leading up to now. Our system will then score the homeowner against the general market trend, identifying the likelihood of the homeowner selling their home within the next 12 months. This is a crucial window of opportunity, as 75% of homeowners will choose the first agent in the door. Over all other factors, this single statistic drives the need to get in first and the need for more qualified lead generation data.

So meanwhile, while your competitors are asleep, preparing to work your territory tomorrow, your branded Smart Site has been passively capturing leads online in the background and forwarding them off to your inbox. These leads you’re looking at (as you sip your morning coffee) have taken action to learn more about the real estate market in their area. We call these Lookup Leads. Lookup Leads are homeowners that have been shown ads for our free Smart Reports. Without having filled out a single form (other than their address for the lookup, of course), the homeowner’s info is immediately cross-referenced against our database and their Smart Data is then forwarded off to you to help them understand the data in the report and establish a relationship... a pretty cool way to start the day.

But let’s look at verified leads. This is important because all of the predictive technology humans can imagine just isn’t the same as the solid “Yes” that comes from a real conversation with the homeowner when asked whether they’re planning on selling their home within the next 12 months. So, that’s exactly what we do. As part of the offrs all-in-one Lead Generation solution, we reach out to as many of your highest-scoring leads as we can, calling each of them to get that “Yes”. For those that our staff confirms, we highlight them as verified leads – leads ready for you to jump on.

Finally, all of these leads’ actions, responses and so on are then cross-referenced so that something said or done by a lead in one area, affects their temperature scoring overall. In this way, a passive lead that is captured in the middle of the night, having searched for their Smart Report is actually bumping up their lead score across the offrs platform where they may have been predicted as potentially having an interest in selling their home. This is our way of not only verifying the leads that we provide to you, but verifying the lead generation engine that we’ve built for all of us… all-in-one Lead Generation is here.

Would you like to look under the hood of our all-in-one Lead Generation solution? Setup a demo with one of our consultants.

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