Smart Reports - A Great First Impression

Nothing shows value like… showing it… literally. Handing over the math, homework done… here’s my card, call with any questions! It’s hard to argue the value in someone proactively delivering the answer to the one question you’ve been pondering as a homeowner for the last few months, namely “what kind of market is my neighborhood in and where does my home fit into that equation?”'

Okay, so maybe that’s every agent’s dream and value is fairly subjective, but what if you could generate the sort of neighborhood-by-neighborhood home valuation and market trend data that homeowners are hungry for… and more, what if you could know which ones are most hungry for it… by name? Intro Smart Reports, the perfect First Impression tool for offrs agents. Smart Reports are an automated foot-in-the-door, homeowner-oriented report that can be quickly and easily sent out to all of your highest-scoring leads without giving up the personalized, hand-written touch necessary to connect with them.

Smart Reports are branded to you. That means there’s no question as to who is providing the value… you are. They’re generated at the press of a button via the offrs Smart Report generation screen in the offrs platform and can be delivered along with what appears to be a handwritten cover letter that you can either type yourself or base off a myriad of expertly-written templates. The data itself is made easier to read with a section-by-section breakdown that informs the average homeowner of market terminology and definitions… again, the sort of down-to-earth, yet detailed information that is so hard to come by these days.

Smart Reports include the homeowner’s estimated home value, of course, but also pricing for recently-closed properties by type, by date and relative to the regional market and to the market as a whole. HPI’s, REO Market Analysis, Negative Equity Trends… it’s all here with Smart Reports. All the math and more for properties in the homeowner’s immediate area, so it remains relative and valuable to them. Most importantly though, Smart Reports serve as a reason to connect and at offrs, we understand that properly nurturing a lead requires this sort of continuous injection of value. Smart Reports are indeed a great reason to reach out for the first time or just a way stay in touch each month.

Coupled with powerful scripts, lead funneling and tracking tools and a series of free, live and pre-recorded training sessions geared to fit the lifestyle and schedule of any agent in the field, you’ve got a lot of sticking power! It’s all part of the program here at offrs and we’d be more than happy to give you the tour under the hood of our all-in-one lead generation machine. This is your year… welcome to the future of Real Estate!

Reach out to one of our offrs agents now and start generating Smart Reports for your clients today. Setup a demo with one of our consultants.

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