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Direct Mail 2.0 - Using Smart Data to Build Relationships

On its own, with blanket content and target lists based on outdated surveys, direct mail has always been a shot in the dark. However, with the right messaging and directed at digitally-highlighted audiences, direct mail’s tangible, tactile impact can play a key role in your multi-touch marketing efforts, helping to personalize your outreach and ultimately nurture leads into listing appointments.

Looking at direct mail as it had always been, it’s easy to see why it had its problems. As an industry, we know that agents don’t have the labor resources or bandwidth to send out hundreds or thousands of personalized correspondences each month. We also know that mass mailing efforts which prioritize messaging with quantity over quality is nevertheless still very expensive and relatively unrewarding in terms of conversion and ROI. And of course, without direct relevance to them, most homeowners sift through and toss impersonal mass mailers - literally throwing your money into the trash. A prime example of why direct mail alone isn’t enough.

Here’s where Direct Mail 2.0 comes into play. First, our browser-based platform provides customizable templates with the ability to create and send what appears to be “handwritten” direct mail pieces to targeted groups, making it appear as though you’ve personally scribed a letter to the home owner. Why is personalized, targeted messaging so important? Because when a homeowner receives a mailer, it’s going to be the first introduction to your brand and more importantly, your expertise in the area. So when it comes to crafting the right direct mail message, there are only two words that matter: Smart Data.

We collect and analyze over 200 points of data (Smart Data) around each property in your territory – creating detailed information such as social media accounts, buying habits and other household factors that can help you build a picture of who is targeted to receive a direct mail piece. All of which helps you identify and create groups of leads in your territory based on interests, hobbies and so on. Of course, we use our proprietary predictive analytics algorithm to score which leads are the most likely to sell within the next 12 months, then call the top leads to personally verify them, so you always have access to your continuously-updated data with highlighted leads that have been verified. Because if you don't have access to the data, then how can you use it to start a conversation, let alone build a relationship?

We all know that making a lasting impression is important, but the road to establishing a firm relationship begins with sending the right message to the right prospect from the get-go. With our Smart Data and handwritten letter editor, you can pen mailers that target specific groups… perhaps homeowners that live in a certain neighborhood and who have a pet or a pool. In this, offers puts you in contact with the right people at the right time and helps you create and go in with the right message. So before you write off direct mail as a pre-digital-era marketing asset, we encourage you to explore the future of direct mail: Direct Mail with Smart Data, available as part of your offrs solution.

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