offrs reviews Free Sphere Marketing Tools

One of the commitments we make at is to offer value to all real estate agents who register on our website. Obviously our flagship product offrs+ (where we generate listing leads using our smart data) is how we provide the most value to our clients and how we make money - but we understand it's not for everyone.

So we decided to offer SPHERE MARKETING at no cost for 6 months for any agent who registers on our website (you can do so here:

Just because it's free, doesn't mean it doesn't have value. In fact if you were to buy the equivalent of what we do with other companies it would cost over $100 a month.

Here is the breakdown

1. Sphere includes mass TXT (up to 500 a month). You can drop a mass TXT message to your sphere of contacts.

2. Sphere includes mass Voicemail (up to 500 a month). You can drop a mass voice mail to your contacts.

3. Sphere includes mass Email.

4. Sphere enhances your Data (we append your contacts with social media links, etc)

Why is this valuable?

Well, if you believe statistics - for the average agent over 60% of their leads come from their sphere. Which means if you are not communicating with your sphere - you are not getting the leads. Having an active sphere and referral network is a big deal. Here is a nice video that talks about how our sphere marketing helps you build a strong referral network -

Whats the hook?

I am sure you are thinking...why would give me something for free? What is the hook? Well, the good news is there is no hook or small print. You get full access to sphere marketing (500 txt, 500 voicemail, 2000 emails per month). The only thing we ask in return is 1) Help spread the word and 2) Take the time to learn about offrs+ our lead generation service. You don't have to buy it, but at some point I think you may consider it as part of your business growth strategy.

Ultimately, we want you to generate new business from sphere marketing, and when you cash your commission check you may think "You know... maybe I should invest in more marketing with" Setup a demo with one of our consultants.

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