offrs reviews Showcases RAIA, Digital Assistant Products at Inman Connect Conference

Curiosity fuels connections and that was certainly the case at Inman Connect 2017 in New York. Our team at kicked off the new year by bringing real estate predictive analytics expertise to ICNY and introducing attendees to a digital assistant product with the power to optimize their brokerages’ potential. co-founder Rich Swier and the offrs team arrived eager and ready to share insights about the future of the real estate automation game. Swier and team hosted learning labs and product showcases to demonstrate for the real estate professionals in real time how the comprehensive digital assistant RAIA works.

“The Inman Conference was a great way to introduce RAIA, our artificially intelligent real estate assistant,” Swier said. “We are excited about the response we received and the overwhelming interest in what we plan on releasing later this year.”

While our product demonstration was a notable highlight of our participation at Inman Connect, our presentations also shed light on how automation, bots, and artificial intelligence would enhance and assist the realtors’ productivity. RAIA, the interactive artificial intelligence program created by, is a deployable automation tool that helps realtors and brokerages streamline their daily tasks.

Inman Connect presenters brought forth a menagerie of cutting edge concepts and industry projections, focusing greatly on the use of predictive analytics and the role of software and technology in the future of real estate. Attendees packed the presentation halls to learn and explore what ICNY had to offer. Many professionals had the opportunity to interact with state-of-the-art program to experience firsthand the next wave of real estate technology. And the buzz was palpable.

With the power of smart data driving our products, the offrs team eagerly accepted the responsibility of leading the predictive analytics space in the market and welcomed attendees to ask questions and get more information on this developing area of real estate software. Through licensing territories and giving realtors exclusive access to their desired clients, along with coaching on how to expand marketing dominance and improve lead generation through predictive analytics, the offrs team delivered on their commitment to helping real estate professionals work smarter, not harder. has been formulating their unique product offerings for helping realtors by way of predictive analytics and virtual assistance for the last few years. Having the platform to present these innovative solutions to the real estate industry at Inman Connect was an exciting opportunity for the offrs co-founders and team. As 2017 continues, will be launching their products like RAIA and ROOF (Real Estate Office of the Future) to meet the needs of realtors and brokerages who want to stay one step ahead of the pack. Interested in learning more about products? Setup a demo with one of our consultants.

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