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Pass, Pass, Shoot - How to optimize your multi-channel Marketing

Everyone know how hard it is to generate a lead, but don't forget the work it takes to nurture and bring the lead to a listing. It's important to use every tool you have to send the right message at the right time.

The Recipe For Success is Not a Tool

Add two cups oven and bake at colander degrees for apron minutes? Something’s wrong. You just clicked on a recipe online… it looks great in the picture, but it doesn’t look right in practice. Times, temperatures and ingredients throughout this recipe have been replaced with tools. Obviously, this is off.

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Your (Smart) Farm needs You

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” It’s a well-known (and worth-knowing) mantra re-quoted time and time again, but like much of life’s wisdom, it’s applying it to your life that’s the hard part. Perhaps you’re wondering what it will take to make this your breakout year or… you might already know, but remain frozen in fear of letting go of what could be… just… good enough.

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Why Farms and Calls Leads For You

Why we believe surveying homeowners is one of the most powerful elements of our lead verification and smart data validation in the market.

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Own the Data, Own the Conversation

One of the biggest challenges for an agent is quickly establishing a connection with homeowners. offrs+ can get you to their door first, but what you bring to the conversation - that first conversation, is almost always a make or break factor.

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Online Lead Capture with Dynamic Property Reports and Smart Data

Smart Sites brings the power of Smart Data and Smart Reports online to attract potential sellers and buyers via online ads.

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All-In-One Lead Generation for Agents

Learn about how takes a unique and effective approach to seller lead generation for agents. From Smart Data to automated Lead Nurturing, delivers an all-in-one lead generation solution that makes an agent's day-to-day streamlined.

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Smart Reports - A Great First Impression

Nothing shows value like… showing it… literally. Handing over the math, homework done… here’s my card, call with any questions! It’s hard to argue the value in someone proactively delivering the answer to the one question you’ve been pondering as a homeowner for the last few months, namely “what kind of market is my neighborhood in and where does my home fit into that equation?”

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Direct Mail 2.0 - Using Smart Data to Build Relationships

At, we’re all about the future and the future of some of your most effective marketing campaigns may include the next generation of direct mail… Direct Mail 2.0.

offrs reviews Free Sphere Marketing Tools

One of the commitments we make at is to offer value to all real estate agents who register on our website. So we decided to offer SPHERE MARKETING at no cost for 6 months for any agent who registers on our website.

offrs reviews Showcases RAIA, Digital Assistant Products at Inman Connect Conference previews the first artificially intelligent real estate assistant to a crowd of real estate innovators and leaders.

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Go for Broker!

Being able to automate and delegate these tasks not only provides brokers with a higher value proposition to potential agents – it gives agents a head start for success.

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Data-Driven Decisions in Real Estate Marketing

Realtors who are utilizing the smart data real estate strategy know firsthand how implementing automation and artificial intelligence can help you scale your business. The use of smart data allows realtors to make data-driven decisions when they obtain statistics from campaigns.

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The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Successful Online Advertising

Marketing budgets are a point of contention for many real estate professionals, mainly because if a campaign effort fails, the channel used is usually where the blame lands.

offrs reviews Reviews on achieves 5 star ratings and reviews on

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Smart Data Real Estate and the Future of Real Estate Marketing

Nearly 90% of realtors use direct mailers as one of their marketing outreach methods. What many of these realtors may not know or realize is that a mass mailing has one of the lowest conversion rates when it comes to generating real estate seller leads.

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Why Should You Care About Real Estate Predictive Analytics?

If you’re a realtor, you know how much being the first in the door can impact your likelihood of getting a seller listing. Predictive analytics when applied to real estate marketing and utilized correctly can significantly affect how you generate seller leads for real estate.

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You're Invited to the Party!

The proven proprietary algorithm used by processes over 200 points of data for every home in your area compiled from the 10 largest data providers in the U.S. to deliver a comprehensive list of seller prospects.

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How to Run a Successful First Touch Campaign

Experienced realtors know better than anyone that first impressions are everything. Finding a way to stand out from the crowd and establish your professional brand from the get-go needs to be an important part of your marketing strategy.

offrs reviews voted best Predictive Analytics platform for Real Estate continues to receive accolades and top reviews from industry leaders in real estate.